Mr. Angry is incandescent with happiness….

Mr. and Mrs. Angry have had a meeting with Angry Junior and Junior-in-law.

They are emigrating to Australia.

Britain is losing a highly trained and experienced ‘Special Needs’ teacher and a talented sports coach.

Why? Steve Hilton is why. He is the Special Adviser to the PM known as ‘Gollum’, the unpleasant individual who takes the hero to the cracks of doom in Tolkein’s ‘Lord of the Rings’.

It was this threat to National sanity, who roams the corridors of 10, Downing Street putting irrational thoughts in the mind of the impressionable and intellectual weak Prime Minister, who was perhaps behind another crazy idea.

Angry Junior and Junior-in-law gave much thought to the proposal made by David Cameron for a ‘happiness index’ which he launched in November 2010. The Office for National Statistics is instructed to pursue the statistical basis for gross national happiness.

They realised that they are taxed to high heaven, their roads are full of potholes, the Bank of England can’t control inflation, the NHS is being decimated, there is no credit available in the system and they have nothing to look forward to that will improve their lives, despite the fact they both work VERY hard.

To cap it all are the regular sermons from Chairman Cameron lecturing his citizens on how to live their lives.

Angry Junior told Mr. Angry “We are off. We have had enough of Cameron’s Britain.”

Mr. Angry has written to Steve Hilton advising him to add “freedom to emigrate” to the Happiness Index.

Actually Mr. Angry is over the moon with anticipation. He and Mrs. Angry will have a winter holiday home on the Queensland coast.

No more cold, rain and snow…no more Dave…no more Steve Hilton.

Now that is happiness.

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