Mr. Angry is in a Pickles

Eric Pickles, the Conservative MP for Brentwood and Ongar, and the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, is being accused by Mr. Angry of lacking moral courage. 

Speaking to students at the Cambridge Union the former Party Chairman said, in a rare outburst of candour for a member of this PR driven Coalition Government, that the electoral fate of his Party rested on “whether or not our economic policy works.” He continued by saying that “if our economic policy doesn’t work…”

 During a week during which the economic news could not have been much worse Mr. Angry kissed the cat and made Mrs. Angry a cup of tea. 

“At last” he exclaimed. “A Cabinet Minister who is honest.”


Briefly Mr. Pickles restored Mr. Angry’s love of his country but it was not to last. 

Within hours the Downing Street machine tried to suggest that the Minister was not questioning Government policy and Mr. Pickles was quoted as emphasising that he believed the Coalition was on the right course.”


Mr. Angry exploded with outrage. 

“The humbug. The cowardice. What a windbag” he yelled.


He was not to know that it is likely that behind the scenes Pickles was summonsed, by the World’s great international statesman, to the study in No 10. 

“Pickles. You are a naughty boy. Bend over Pickles.”

But Mr. Angry remains depressed. In fact he is in a right old pickle.

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