Mr. Angry is ecstatic – again!

Two weeks ago Mr. Angry was dancing with joy at an announcement by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. This detailed their new initiative The Business Advice Service. This will involve over 2,000 member firms providing small firms and start-ups with free initial advice.

Mr. Angry thought this was the bee’s knees and was ecstatic.

Now he has found out that the international law firm DLA Piper is investing in LawVest. Their services will be aimed and priced for small businesses. The other partners are AdviserPlus Business Solutions, which offers a range of support services for SMEs, and some of DLA Piper’s management.

The website suggests there is still some formation work to be completed.

However Mr. Angry is very pleased with this initiative especially as he has three county court summons on which he needs advice.

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