Mr. Angry is ecstatic

Mr. Angry wishes to send his personal congratulations to the Institute of Chartered Accountants In England and Wales.

Their new initiative, The Business Advice Service, will provide small firms and start-ups with advice. Over 2,000 Institute members have signed up to this scheme. They will display the ‘BAS’ symbol by their name.

The initial consultancy will be free of charge and there is no obligation for the business owner to carry on using that accountancy firm in the future.

“Brilliant” was the reaction of Mr. Angry when he was told about the scheme.

“As one of the deepest thinkers about Enterprise Britain in the country I have long realised that the availability of professional advice in the early stages of a business is vital to its success.”

He went on to admit that if he had received proper guidance his window cleaning venture would not have gone into administration last week.

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