Mr. Angry is devastated by women

This last week has seen Mr. Angry collapse as his faith in women is shattered.

A survey by the Business Department has found that only 14% of small and medium sized businesses are led by women. However whilst 21% of start-ups involve female entrepreneurs, this figure falls to 13% for firms employing more than 10 people and only 8% for medium sized companies. The Department is considering the future of the £12.5m Aspire Fund which offers venture capital for women-led businesses. Founded in 2008 it has made six investments.

Mr. Angry is furious and blames David Cameron. He doesn’t know why but it seems like a good idea. And he blames George:

“Plan A, my f****** a***” Mr. Angry exclaimed to his pals.

And he blames Vince.

“Should be a representative for SAGA” he recommends.

But Mr. Angry has a solution. He is setting up the ‘Mr. Angry Academy for Female Entrepreneurship’ (prop. I.M Angry). He has applied to the Government for a five million pounds grant.

Mrs Angry has just discovered that Mr. Angry will be vetting all applicants personally.

She wishes it to be known that Mr. Angry is not feeling too well.

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