Mr. Angry hears from Uncle Mike

Mr. Angry’s long lost favourite relative, Uncle Mike, has written to him suggesting a theme for his next blog.

“Great” said Mr. Angry. “I’ll pretend I wrote it and get the pub earlier. Nobody will know.”

“As the red mist descends clarity and foresight gets lost.  Mr Angry seems to be at odds with the new emerging NHS.  Mr Angry is well used to appraising SME’s heaping praise on management teams that focus on the key things and allocate resources as appropriate.

So why doesn’t he think about applying the same set of tried and tested rules to the NHS.  Won’t applying the 80:20 rule work in the NHS?  Recently the 80% of resources goes to the 20% of patients seen at hospitals. Hospitals have always been the vote winner.  The previous administration spent billions on a rebuilding programme, which was never fully justified, never reviewed in respect of what the NHS should be doing and not paid for.  But if you open a new hospital and you get votes.  Fight the closure of a hospital in your constituency and you get votes.  Vote to close a hospital and that is the fast-track to the over inflated pensions that ex MP’s are entitled to! Is this how it should be?

Most people would see the NHS as a matter of life and death.  Should it not be providing a quality of life until death? To improve the nation’s health over the generations to come it would seem sensible to focus the 80% or resources on the 80% of patients seen in the community by the GP’s.  A GP who earns £1.8m has provided £1.8m worth of services for fees which are fixed, audited and transparent. It is in the community that regular monitoring, wider use of diagnostics and preventive medicine will have its maximum benefit for the population of UK plc.  That has to be done, to be effective, in the community. So why is there such a furore over a group of people who want to move such a fabulous organisation as the NHS into the 22nd century towards a long term aim of improving the nation’s health over future generations?

It is worth watching Torchwood-Miracle day, yes I realise it is an anagram of Doctor Who and yes I do admit to being a bit of a geek! The basis of miracle day is that no one dies.  Seen as a good thing initially but then they realise that the hospitals have become a reservoir of disease which only grows and the priority becomes one of keeping people healthy in the community and specifically out of hospital  –  food for thought I would suggest!”

Mr. Angry says he thinks the editor will be really pleased with him.

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