Mr. Angry defects to the Lib-Dems

Mr. Angry has always liked lost causes. His decision to defect from UKIP (previously he was in the Labour Party) to the Liberal Democrats is based on sound judgement.

A Populus poll for ‘the Times’ at the weekend revealed that only 16% of voters trust the Lib-Dems with the NHS (bit unfair that as they have stopped Cameron running riot on the subject).

Their President Tim Farron is saying that his Party has been tainted by the coalition. However he confused everybody by adding that “coalition was absolutely the right thing for the country”. This is rather like a death wish.

Mr. Angry would like to point out to Mr. Farron that we have zero growth, no reduction in Government debt, rising inflation, rising unemployment and a totally demoralised Middle England.

Mr Farron also said that “divorce is inevitable.”

The truth is that Nick Clegg has been told by Mrs. Clegg that he can only serve one term. One assumes he’ll be off for a lucrative job in Europe.

Mr. Angry is thinking of standing for the leadership of the Party.

“What opposition” he cries. “Grandad Cable!”.

Perhaps Mr. Farron has other ideas.

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