Mr. Angry decides to co-habit

There are many reasons why couples decide to separate. Mr. Angry has added his own: to obtain a mortgage.

This follows from a suggestion made by the Housing Minister Grant Shapps that there should be ‘Mates Mortgages’. He said, at his second summit on housing,

“If there are mates who are perfectly capable of paying monthly mortgage payments but are struggling to fund a deposit of their own, there should be straightforward options to unite with their friends and take the first step on to the housing ladder together.”

Clearly the Housing Minister is stark raving bonkers but Mr. Angry has completed some research. The average age of the first time buyer, who has no family support, is now 37. The average deposit needed is £25,000. The number of first time buyers in April was 15,800 which was less than pre-crisis levels.

Mr. Angry has approached three previous girl friends and suggested they live together so that they can apply for a mortgage. He is sure that they will agree.

Mr. Angry described his proposal to Mrs. Angry as an example of his social consciousness. He is expected out of hospital in the next day or so.

Note. There is only one lender (Britannia) who allows friends (up to four) to buy together. Only 1,000 loans have been agreed on this basis.

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