Mr. Angry collapses: his union is over

A distraught Mr. Angry has dramatically confirmed the rumours which have been sweeping the country. His emotional life is in tatters. He is reconciled to the break-up. He had admitted to his councillor that the signs were prescient. But he had clung on until the final ‘nail in the coffin’ before admitting the inevitable.

Proud Union Jack bearer Mr. Angry accepts that the United Kingdom is doomed.

Alex Salmon, the street-wise SNP leader, has slaughtered all the opposition with a phenomenal 22 seat election increase to a majority of 69 in the Scottish Parliament. He is on his way to a referendum on independence.

In Wales the Conservatives were in total denial over the reality of the result. Wales operates a 40 seats ‘first past the post’ vote and 20 AMs (Assembly Members) using the additional member system. It was predicted that this meant there was never likely to be a one party victory and coalition would always result. Such was the Labour success they almost pulled it off with 30 out of sixty seats. The signs were always there. In the March 2011 referendum over additional law making powers for the Assembly Government the “yes” victory by 63.5% was accompanied by an outburst of national fervour.

Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) was established on 1 May 1707. The Act of Union 1800 (effective on 1 January 1801) created the United Kingdom included Ireland. In 1927, when Ireland achieved Home Rule, this was changed to the present day United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

There was a historic low turnout in Northern Ireland of 55% in the current elections. The fight for a total of 108 seats went to the Democratic Unionist Party (38: 29.94%) and Sinn Fein (which means “We ourselves”: 29:26.9%). They will continue together in coalition.

Mr. Angry has an appointment with his tattooist to replace his strategically placed flag with his new message:

“The United Kingdom

1 January 1801- 5 May 2011.


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  1. 10 May, 2011 at 00:43

    Happy Birthday Roger Hargreaves. Now, can we have a Mr Super injunction please. He is small and aged and wears a curled wig. mrmen

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