Mr. Angry and the Blond bombshell

This week Mr. Angry is unspeakably angry because a stupid man called Phillip Blond has spoken words that would be an embarrassment to a South American cannibal.

Blond, the Founder of think tank ResPublica (exposed in Tony Drury’s book ‘Calm Down Dave’), has been named as Cameron’s ‘philosopher king’. Dave was at his side at the launch of ResPublica in 2009.

Let Mr. Angry pick up the story:

“This bloke Blond, in a week when me and the mrs have lost sleep over the Eurozone (we are going to Calais to stock up on cheap red wine), starts talking about ‘Big Society’. What a p*****k. He says the public (that’s you lot) has no idea how to get involved. We could lose it (‘Big Society’). That would be a terrible, terrible shame.”

Blond, desperate for good publicity (most articles about him at the moment concern his apparently serious financial position with allegedly unpaid rents and staff layoffs), used the publication of the public services reform white paper to utter total nonsense.

When Mr. Blond admitted that he himself is not nearly engaged enough in his own neighbourhood, Mr. Angry suggested he is a ‘w****r’.

In an interview given this week Mr. Blond suggested that the ‘Big Society’ “is the best idea this country has had.”

Mr. Angry feels that sending convicts to antipodean lands was rather better.

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