Mr. Angry and David Davis MP

Whilst watching the ludicrous parliamentary proceeding during the debate on News International Mr. Angry kicked the cat across the room.

This was because one of the many sycophantic MPs who stood up to pay homage to Dave (hoping they would earn some brownie points in the process) was David Davis MP. He rose when called by the Speaker and said something which was forgotten by everybody almost immediately.

Mr. Angry does not like David Davis MP for Haltemprice and Howden.

To amuse you during your summer holidays Mr. Angry has set you a quiz.

1) What did David Davis do on 12 June 2008?

2) Why?

3) What was the outcome?

4) Did it make any difference? (Answer: “no”)

The answers are that Mr. Davis resigned as an MP. He said it was over the issue of the erosion of civil liberties although Mr. Angry suspected it was for the publicity. The tax payer was forced to fund the by-election which Mr. David won.

“What a f*****g waste of time and money” said Mr. Angry.

Mr. Davis lost the 2005 leadership contest to Dave.

Mr. Angry asks “is this the best the Conservatives have to offer.”

Answers please to Mr. Angry, c/o chalet 101, Butlins, Devon.


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