Mr. Angry’s in a tango

Mr. Angry exploded with rage this week when he learnt that the Coalition Government’s promised ‘Quango bonfire’ had been extinguished. He tangoed around pictures of leading politicians as he read the detail.

More than 4,500 bureaucrats have been taken on by Government departments in the last fifteen months. This outnumbers redundancies by three to one despite Dave’s pledge to slim the Civil Service.

More than 40 civil servants and quango bosses have been hired on salaries exceeding £150,000pa despite government statements that these would be approved only in exceptional circumstances. Tony Fountain, chief executive of the Nuclear De-commissioning Authority, has been appointed on a package of £365,000pa.

What has made Mr. Angry even madder is that he has just lost his part-time job as a Lolly-Pop Traffic Warden outside the local primary school.

“That £14 a week paid for the fags” he said.

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