Mais non, Xavier, non” screams Mr. Angry

Mr. Angry wishes it to be known that he’ll never, ever again, eat French beans.

This is because he has discovered that the Head of the London Stock Exchange (“LSE”) might consider launching a trading platform in France. This will be for the SME market. This follows the retreat of Euronext from their current operations.

“What” yelled Mr. Angry “What with AIM and PLUS Markets failing in their prime function of raising equity for British companies and the London smaller brokerage market in great stress, with more firms needing support, the London Stock Exchange should be concentrating here…not in bl***y Europe.”

“This bloke Drury at Enterprise Britain has got it right. Article after article telling PLUS Markets what to do.”

Mr. Angry has paused while he pours another beer.

“That’s what Britain needs. Men of action. Ideas men. Rather like me, Mr. Angry.”

Mr. Angry is getting up a petition so that David Cameron can oppose it.

“This bloke Monsieur Xavier Rolet at the LSE. Is he a Frenchman?”

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