I’m bloody middle class, wasn’t I?” screams Mr. Angry

During this last week Mr. Angry was in the pub when he was called a ‘Chav’. When he discovered that it means a working class person he shook with rage.

“Under my hero Tony Blair me and Mrs Angry aspired to be middle class” he explained (actually to thin air because nobody was listening), “I had a huge mortgage, seven credit card debts, HP on my bike, a credit union loan and a local moneylender had advanced me £1,000 so I could take Mrs. Angry to Blackpool. Social security paid my credit cards for me and the building society (he thinks it was Southern Cock-up Mutual) gave me a further advance so I could pay the instalments on the first loan.”

Mr. Angry chuckled at the memory of that occasion. He had to complete a self-certification form on which he showed himself as managing director of a nursing home.

“Life was good” he recalls. “Mrs. Angry and I were flying. We was middle class, us.”

He fetches another pint from the bar. He was told that it was the last one he could have on the tick until his next social services cheque came in.

“This Cameron bloke. He suggests I work. Some baldy called Ryan Bunkham-Smythe said I am the root cause of the country’s problems.” He sipped his drink.

“Tony Blair made me middle class. I wonder if he’s got any money.’


The word ‘chav’ derives from the Romany word for ‘child.’
If you want to understand better the inequality and class hatred now epidemic in the UK you may choose to read the brilliant book by Owen Jones:
‘Chavs: The demonization of the Working Class’ by Owen Jones (2011: Verso – an imprint of ‘New Left Books’.

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