“Hang him high” demands Mr. Angry

Mr. Angry is referring to a bald headed maverick called Steve Hilton. He works, at the tax payer’s expensive, in Downing Street. He is Dave’s ‘Blue Skies’ thinker. He fancies a happiness index which he managed to re-launch in the middle of the News International crisis.

One of his crazy ideas is to allow voters to act collectively to force debates in Parliament. Right wing internet bloggers have launched a campaign to bring back hanging for certain crimes. They must collect 100,000 signatures and MPs must debate the matter. Back bench MPs are appalled but none of them have the guts to tell Dave, who loves Steve.

“What are my taxes doing paying for this lunatic” cried Mr. Angry.

It is to the credit of Enterprise Britain that its latest publication ‘Calm Down Dave’ specifically exposed the liberal culture now in operation in Downing Street. It all starts with Dave, who is rather impressionable, and extends to Policy Exchange and the strange people involved. Nick Boles, the founder of Policy Exchange, is now a Conservative MP.

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