Duw – down 9.2% says Dai Angry

Mr. Angry’s Welsh brother, Dai Angry, has been visiting London. He is very angry.

The Welsh economy is the poorest of the four Home Countries (“It’s all Gordon Brown’s fault”) and now a latest statistic has sent shivers across the Principality.

Nationally retail footfall is down 1%.

Wales is down by 9.2%

The Welsh Secretary Cheryl Gillan blames everybody else and the Welsh Government accuses Westminster of cutting too much.

The actual reason is far more simple. Declining job prospects, fewer Government incentives and rising household bills mean that Welsh people simply have less money to spend.

Dai Angry came to London to hand a petition in at 10, Downing Street.

Unfortunately there were so many pubs between Paddington and Westminster that Dai never reached his destination.

“Not my fault Boyo. Just had my social benefit cheque and felt I should spend it.”

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