Bejeebers: Mr. Angry is twittering

Mr. Angry has discovered that Twitters have opened their international office in Ireland. This is despite the advances of David Cameron to persuade them to come to London. He also failed with Facebook, eBay, Linkedin and Google. WPP has gone there, as well.

What has attracted these businesses to the Emerald Island?

Simple. It’s the corporation tax rate which stands at 12.5%.

Mr. Angry is so cross because he feels that George’s high rates are destroying the UK economy.

Mr. Angry challenges you to put the following in order of corporation tax rates starting with the highest:

  • France
  • Japan
  • US
  • UK
  • Italy


  1. Japan (39.5%)
  2. US (39.25%)
  3. France (34.4%)
  4. Italy (27.5%)
  5. Sweden (26.3%)
  6. UK (26%)

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