13%, my Sweet Fanny Adams, cries Mr. Angry

Eight year old Fanny Adams was murdered in 1867. Later British sailors used the term “sweet Fanny Adams” to vent their disgust at their meat rations comparing them to the dead girl’s remains.

Mr. Angry used this expression during the week on learning that research from the Accountancy Group Tenon (for the ‘Financial Mail’) showed that only 13% of entrepreneurs have faith in the policies (or lack of) being followed by the Coalition Government.

“Has George” (this being a reference to the Chancellor of the Exchequer) sorted out the banks?” Mr. Angry asked.

“Has Dave eradicated red tape like he said he would?” he continued.

“Has Vince done anything?” he concluded.

His survey to the answers to these questions (actually Mrs. Angry whilst she was doing the ironing) was 100% “No.”

“I am amazed that 13% said ‘yes’” summarised Mr. Angry.

“I think that the Coalition have achieved sweet FA.”

Whether Mr. Angry was using the term “FA” in the context of the body of a murdered youth or because Mrs. Angry said he was not to use the term “f**k all”, we will never know. The latter use was first recorded in 1919 in the diary of an Australian soldier.

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