Virgin Rock

There are not many times I feel I can agree with the Shadow Chancellor.  Generally I think his economic statements are described by his name.  On the occasion of the sale of the safe side of Northern Rock I do have to agree with him.

The Hairy One does one thing well and that is spot the mug and Nearly a Virgin have thrived on persuading mugs to part with cash or assets for little return.

When it comes to mugs there can be few who qualify more than the incumbent of 11 Downing Street, who not only looks as though he doesn’t have a clue but demonstrates it on increasingly frequent occasions.

It’s business of course but don’t we all wish we could find a prospect with an indecent amount of unearned private wealth who has control of valuable assets he can’t manage.  Couldn’t we all make him an offer to relieve his stress by taking some of his problems off his hands.  The only surprising thing about the transaction is that Nearly a Virgin weren’t paid £7,300K to resolve the problem.

At a time when a panel of independent experts tell us our government’s debt reduction plan is £100Bn. short of target; that debt is actually rising and the cost of public services increasing; the government decide to sell off the tarnished silver to pay the rent.  With a little more patience they might have got a better price at a car boot sale.

When most ofBritain’s problems are caused by a lack of money and those that aren’t are caused by an absence of money why are we ruled by people who have never had to earn or learn the value of money?

Our Conservative Part should act decisively in the interests of the country and install Meryl Streep to replace the P.M.

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