Congratulations Dave! Not even a year in office and you have found your own war. You can hold your head high as you have the support of a few Security Council members – the rest abstained – and the rest of the UN does not really count anyway. No doubt our tax pounds are disappearing faster than a Japanese village in a Tsunami, but better to sack some police than leave an irritating dictator around.

I hope you are more successful with your war than your predecessors were with theirs and than you are with your declared war on regulation. I was so glad you picked up my corresspondance with BERR (that quango which was part of BIS, which is some government department which does something costing lots of money) and learned that the way to simplify regulation was to ensure that no new law or regulation is passed unless at least one (and perferrably two) laws are abolished. You made this official – only a new law if an old one is eliminated you decreed (How is the bombing going Dave? Hope you only kill ’bad people‘ and not ‘good people’.)

So the Times did a study of the “law count“ and guess what Dave? Your decree does not work very well. We actually have a net increase of something like 108 laws so far. Dave – I know you are not familiar with our real world, but in our world if the someone goes against the CEO in such a blatant way, heads role (How is Gaddafi’s head? Perhaps you can organise your own Saddam style hanging.)

Of course local councils have no idea what ‘regulation reduction’ means. If they cannot make new regulations and do other silly things, what are they going to do all day? Especially the higher paid ones who thrive on coming up with unnecessary and complicated schemes to make our lives miserable and expensive – oh and to justify their importance, jobs and their rediculous salaries (Dave – how are the Emir of Qatar and Saudi Royals? Popular with the natives?).

Despite good advice and without consultation my county council went out to recruit a Chief Executive for some academy thing they had come up with (an academy is a way of burning money in the name of education). They were warned that the idea was expensive, unnecessary and they would not find anyone. So far they have blown a rumoured £50,000 (this excludes council officer time of course) and about 8 months and found … nobody. Time to review the performance of the top team in education I think. Instead they got rid of dozens of teaching assistants (Dave – how are you going to explain the first dead UK soldier or pilot in Libya to his or her parents?)

Reducing regulation and keeping life simple is a mind set and unless you, Dave and your friends get serious about it, you will not achieve the culture change in the lifetime of this cabinet (Dave – have you tried bombing one of those departments in Whitehall?). Reducing regulation and improving infrastructure are the two key items for this government to focus on if you want enterprise to thrive in Britain.

But Dave, you now have more important matters to worry about. You have a real war of your very own to fight (where is our Middle East Peace Envoy Tony these days?) with guns, bombs and your best friends, the French. Who cares about the war on regulation at a time like this. After all, best to leave No-Oil-Mugabe and Friend-With-Oil-Saudi-King in place and to make sure BP can get its rightfull oil out of Libya. I wonder how Mr Megrahi is faring through all this? Maybe you need to offer him some hospitality and health care over here now?

PS One last question – how are you going to get out of this mess? Tony and Gordon simply lost the vote. Do you have the same plans?

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