Tittle tattle

Gut feeling is often what sets the good entrepreneur apart from the not so good one. The best entrepreneurs I have run into knew instinctively what to do and in what direction to take their business.

No amount of planning, consulting and tittle tattle is a substitute for good gut feeling.

What made me write this blog? Well simply the wedding of William (do the Americans really call him Bill – King Bill?) and Kate. No, not the wedding itself, which I did watch and enjoyed very much.

No, what made me write this blog was the decision by William (Billy) Hague to dis-invite the Syrian Ambassador. His decision was based on the headlines in the papers, or at least that is the impression he has given, so I am sticking by that conclusion.

Mr. Hague not only reacted to some newspaper headlines at an embarrassingly late moment, as the Syrian Ambassador rather eloquently pointed out, but it made no sense. Why dis-invite this one person but keep the Ambassadors from such star nations as Zimbabwe, Iran and North Korea on the list? The reason was simple tittle tattle.

Mr. Hague clearly displayed his lack of ability to work on what he thought was right. Instead he makes his decisions based on tittle tattle, in this case from newspapers. The papers are always out to find something to write about and this was an easy one. That does not make Mr. Hague’s reactive decision the right one.

In business I have often encountered similar kinds of decision making. A member of staff says something to a Manager and the Assistant Manager gets told off. Why? Because the Manager has listened to tittle tattle. Staff is not wrong when they give their opinions – the Manager is wrong if he or she jumps to badly thought through conclusions.

Syria is a complicated issue as Mr. Hague has often told us, especially because everyone was big mates with the local regime a few months ago. There are people protesting the regime – we have people protesting also. It is not excusable that people protesting get killed, but that even happens here – fortunately not in this kind of numbers, but we do manage to shoot innocent people on tube trains 11 times and spend years and millions trying to explain our actions.

So when making the decisions about your business, follow the direction you were going in and don’t let the tittle tattle change your course.

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