We blame the young but forget who taught them

‘Binge Drinking’ is back in the news with this article in The Telegraph telling us that the UK has the ‘Worst Teenage Drinkers in the Western World’

It is of course of great concern that our teenage children feel such a strong desire to get drunk in an attempt  to get away from the World  that we have created for them. We have of course taught them that drugs are just plain bad, illegal, damaging and that they should not be used under any circumstances.

Except alcohol that is, because that recreational drug just happens to be legal. It is significantly more dangerous than some of the illegal drugs, but that’s not the point is it?

Do we teach our children to plan their use of alcohol? Do they carefully calculate how many units they will be drinking and then once that limit is reached decide what they will drink after that? Do they watch our behaviour around alcohol and copy it?

Are we taught that by using alcohol we are progressively giving up control of our minds and that actually we can’t really be sure where we will end up once we’ve had just one drink?

No because we are told that only ‘bad’ drugs do that and alcohol can be used ‘responsibly’ and if it can’t then the view is that is because you are an alcoholic and that’s your problem. All normal people are viewed as ‘responsible drinkers’ and they can absolutely definitely control their drinking.

Except when they get drunk, but then that’s because they chose to do that or were struck with the strange mystery condition ‘temporary alcoholism’. A state where for some reason a person loses control of their drinking but only for one day, or week or a few times per year perhaps.

I suspect that our children watch and learn.

Successive governments have told us that binge drinking is nothing to do with them. They tell us that it’s the parents fault, TV programmes, advertising; promotional pricing and a generation that just wants to get drunk and escape.

Why on earth would they want to do that Mr Cameron?

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