The Alcohol Time-Bomb

Some potentially sinister alcohol-related statistics are of great national concern.. Hospital admissions from alcohol-related conditions have passed the one million mark in a year for the first time ever. Alcohol Concern has suggested that the figure could reach 1.5M by the end of this parliament.

Admissions to rehabilitation clinics are also reported to be growing. To some extent they are still the first choice of celebrities and the very top echelons of industry when things just get to be ‘too much’.

The stressed Doctors
But in recent years it has been reported that many of the residents are now completely stressed out doctors and other medical professionals. Being a medical Doctor means being respected by society, have responsibility for the life of patients, and spend many years of studying the complexity of the human body and mind.

However, can we be sure that the comprehensive teaching includes preparation for a job that involves people only wanting to see you when they have a problem that they expect you as a medical professional to solve?

Medical School Lunacy
Learning can take a number of forms and is not in any way limited to the classroom and hospital wards. One long established part of being a medical student is the drinking games.

This article published in the Daily Mail gives an illustration of how many medical students’ relationship with alcohol starts. This short excerpt from the article illustrates the very serious nature of the problem:

‘But the most sickening part of the night’s proceedings was the vomiting. As each group arrived at the bar before the boozing began, it collected orange buckets from a pile left in the corner. It appears the buckets were made available on the orders of the student union. In its handbook for students, the union gives full licence to vomit.’

Vomiting whilst under the influence of alcohol is potentially very dangerous, and to see it being actively encouraged is both surprising and disturbing.

The Medical Professionals are committed to helping us but who is helping them?

Don Shenker Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern is reported to have said that the government has “taken its eye of the ball” in relation to the underinvestment in services to treat alcohol abuse.

I’m not convinced that the Government even knows what the ball looks like.

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