Police – Stop!

‘Nanny states, taking away my only pleasure, being a killjoy, boring, unsocial, interfering busy bodies’ Not forgetting the latest phrase to annoy anyone whose drinking habits are being questioned:

The ‘Health Police’.

During my alcoholic years It was known for me to become very agitated by news stories, TV programmes and so called ‘experts’ suggesting that I was drinking ‘too much’ . How would they know? And who was it exactly that decided how much was ‘too much’ even the existing guidelines were being called a ‘best guess’

Current advice is to drink responsibly, a feat that is apparently somehow possible with alcohol but not with other mind altering drugs. It can’t be possible because the other mind altering drugs are illegal and are alleged to kill people. The fact that they bring in nothing in the way of revenue to the government is no doubt irrelevant, despite the fact that the deaths caused by illegal drug taking are recorded as being in the hundreds. Deaths from alcohol use are said to be in the tens of thousands.

Personally I am a firm believer in free-will and personal responsibility and if people want to drink alcohol within the rules as defined by law, then they should be able to, without question. It is none of my business.

The ‘health police’ appear to be taking a different line. There is the nonsense of price increases, banning drinking here, there and everywhere, and labels that nobody will read and more and more printed warnings that are largely ignored.

But the insistence that it is possible to absolutely definitely, without exception to be mentally in control of a powerful , psycho active, mind altering drug that has a direct influence on our thinking and decision making, is in my view,  delusional.

All the time that alcohol is available, there will be unwelcome consequences, some intentional and some as a result of falling for the illusion that the uncontrollable can actually be controlled. If alcohol were to be invented today it would almost certainly be made illegal because of its mind changing potential and the physical damage caused by ingesting it.

The ‘health police’ seem to be sending a mixed message. Drugs are ‘bad’ except alcohol, because it can be used in moderation and if it can’t then it’s the fault of the person drinking it.

Pot, kettle, black?

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  1. Peter
    29 September, 2011 at 11:02

    Thanks Colin. Enjoyed this.

    I ;oved the way you brought out a dialogue which is going on for all of us, yet is hidden. Your phrase “the illusion that the uncontrollable can actually be controlled” says it all. All of us human beings with our special minds, including those in government, need to be aware of our immense power to think, believe and act on two or more opposing beliefs at the SAME time.

    I’m part way through book called “Being Wrong” by Kathryn Schultz who shows us hidden dialogue we all have with ‘error’ in our lives. We learn our experience with Error is much more than a factual ‘that was not right’ conclusion. Error has a strong sensory and emotional impact on us, that can easily lead to strange beliefs: such as being able to ‘control the uncontrollable’.

    I would urge all those making decisions for and around alcoholics -especially politicians and business leaders – to reflect on what Kathryn calls the “how wrong?” question. Just ‘How Wrong’ are we all about alcohol? It’s affects on us. How we learn to live life without the need for alcohol – if that’s what we choose, etc etc.

    Maybe then we can learn to help our fellow human beings who do struggle with alcohol, instead of castigating them in our minds.

    The scary thing I think we’ll all find, is that there are many more potentially addictive substances and emotions, ready and able to put each of US in an equally difficult spot!

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