Money is not your only worry …

Some drink because they have no money and experience financial problems, some drink because they have an abundance of money and yet still experience financial problems.

Alcoholism and financial difficulty have been partners for a long time. Sometimes the alcoholism comes first, sometimes the financial difficulty, the result is usually the same, and someone somewhere ends up in a state of mental torture. 
Hard work does not always, as the government would like us to believe, result in financial abundance. In fact some of those in society are working the hardest and doing the most but are also earning the least.  Financial abundance results from understanding and knowing how the money system works and how to extract the most from it, not from ‘working hard’. Winning the lottery and inheriting wealth also require little in the way of work.

Paul Getty said “you never make money earning a salary”

Unfortunately many feel unable to change the circumstances and see the challenge of changing the ‘system’ as just too big to contemplate. But what can they do to feel better about it all? Drink alcohol as a ‘reward’ for all the hard work perhaps?
Truth is many people recognise that their lives are not where they want them to be so instead of resolving it they compromise. After all, we need to pay the bills, because if we don’t then…………..

The immorality of our Financial Institutions

Fear will be used by those that we owe money to get us to pay them, no matter what emotional or mental damage they may do, and they don’t care what you need to do to pay, just so long as you do. They will threaten to repossess your house, send a bailiff to take your possessions; you will receive threatening letters and phone calls. Your well being is secondary in the view of many of our financial institutions, so bring on the alcohol.

Alcohol has the ability to make us feel differently about things very quickly, and no matter what some may claim, that is our primary reason for using it. So when panic sets in about our finances and it seems that there is just nowhere to go, alcohol will make us feel differently about our situation, we will experience the illusion of ‘relief’ and we will commit that we will deal with it tomorrow.

But when tomorrow arrives we are less capable because our body has to deal with cleaning out the alcohol, and the illusion of ‘relief’ has worn off. Now the problem appears bigger and our ability to deal with it is also reduced. The spiral to financial oblivion has begun, alcohol is used to again create the illusion of ‘relief’, the financial position deteriorates, the alcohol use increases. Alcoholism awaits.

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