Into the eye with the Mayans

So how was it for you?

I had a great time. Christmas Eve was magic, I didn’t actually see Santa Claus and I often think that maybe it’s because we don’t leave any alcohol out for him! Despite this, some presents did find their way to me.

Christmas day was a mixed bag. I got the much needed and welcome socks, I managed to be ‘agreeable’ to all the people that perhaps if it was any other day I would not have been choosing to spend my time with and I cooked a range of ‘goodies’ without hospitalising anybody!

And so into the ‘eye’ between the two festive ‘storms’

For me this is a time of year that feels like no other. The seemingly never ending countdown to Christmas feels long gone and the relatively short build up to the New Year has begun in earnest. Much of the UK seems to go to sleep in the days that follow Christmas. Retail is busier than ever (they hope), some of the roads are quiet and the TV channels seem to have less news, more films and constant reminders that you ‘must’ drink alcohol to ‘enjoy’ the season.

800 Million pounds per year is invested in alcohol advertising in the UK. That equates to more than £12 each for every man, woman and child in the country. Advertising activity is increased because December and early January are times when massive amounts of alcohol are most likely to be consumed.

The messages are no longer restricted to traditional advertising. We are now subjected to alcohol product placement on the later night shows, music videos with alcohol, and even song lyrics all containing strong subliminal messages about the supposed glamour of alcohol consumption.

But there is an opportunity between the two festive alcohol fuelled events that are Christmas and the New Year to have some ‘quiet time’ for both the mind and the body.

For me New Years day is just another day, and I get so underwhelmed by it that I sometimes sleep from one year into the next but usually get woken up by my family who tell me the great news that I’m still alive and another year is upon us, and this time it’s going to be 2012 no less.

Research has indicated that Mayans were making wine containing alcohol from cacao back in 1100BC. I also understand that they have made some predictions about the coming year. I can’t help but wonder if there is any possibility that they made them whilst ‘under the influence’ of the wine?

I guess we’ll know soon enough!

Wishing you a very happy 2012!

1 comment for “Into the eye with the Mayans

  1. Peter Hanley
    4 January, 2012 at 10:59

    Thanks for a great big blog Colin, to get my 2012 brain working.

    In particular my mathematical brain had not previously considered the mixture of alcohol and calendar calculations. You don’t need to be much out in your observations to yield dubious conclusions. And dubious conclusions give rise to doubtful data, which when put into equations can present understandings which are wild of the mark.

    Don’t tell me all the excitement with the Mayan calendar could be down to the ill effects of 3000 year old Ethanolic Exuberance!


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