Eve of destruction

Nearly there, the annual event that is Christmas day is almost upon us.

The anticipation, the teary eyes, the wanting, hoping, the watching for Santa Claus, not forgetting that the children are probably quite excited too!

I like Christmas day but for me Christmas Eve has a special kind of magic about it. I’m not sure what it is, but the atmosphere just seems quietly calm, a stillness that can be sensed but not necessarily explained, and a chance to embrace some genuine respite from an increasingly mad world.

However, some will attempt to enhance and expand on those feelings by drinking alcohol. Many will fall for the illusion that they can definitely, absolutely and without doubt control their alcohol intake. They will set out with the intention of having ‘one or two’ and they will end up drinking more than they can remember.


Simple, alcohol is a mind altering drug and the clue is in the description. An alcohol free mind deciding to have one drink will be making a clear unaltered decision. A further decision will then be required as to whether to stop at one drink or have another. But the mind is in a different place compared to when the first decision was taken because it is now being influenced by alcohol.

There is no guarantee that the original decision will ‘feel’ the same when taking the second one when alcohol is involved. If you have ever set out with the intention of having a couple of drinks and ended up waking up wondering where you are and who on earth you are with you may now realise that you actually gave up your power of decision to alcohol after only one drink.

Unfortunately many a special Christmas day celebration has been ruined by the consequences of a drinking session the day before. The body will only dispose of alcohol at a rate of one unit per hour, there are no magic cures.

If you are serious about wanting to make the best of the holiday for you and for those around you, just give some thought as to what may happen to your plans and expectations if you unexpectedly and unintentionally lose control of your alcohol intake. It may have never happened to you before but that doesn’t mean that you are immune. You are human, so you are just as vulnerable to the unpredictable nature of alcohol interaction as anyone else.

Thank you for reading my blogs this year, I hope that you are about to have your best Christmas ever.

Colin Perriss

2 comments for “Eve of destruction

  1. Peter Hanley
    21 December, 2011 at 10:07

    Like the title. Conjures up an apocalyptic outcome for some.

    I take issue with your words “mind is in a different place …. because it is now being influenced by alcohol”.

    The mind is changed by alcohol. It’s not in a different place. Neither is it under some magic spell from alcohol which may send it this way or that.

    The alcohol that has done its work on our mind, has been and gone. Our mind that once was, is now so different. And to all intents and purposes the person inside the body is totally different too!

    Yet the delusion that society foists on us all, is that we can continue to berate, legislate and intimidate the person AS IF the same mind is inside.

    Once the government adn those treating people for their use of alcohol realise this, then maybe, just maybe, we’d get some sensible help for people. Rather than trying to kid people they are ok because they are “drinking responsibly” Tosh! Who do they think it is doing the responsible drinking? The person they see in front of them, or the person they don’t know exists in front of them.

    • 22 December, 2011 at 13:55

      Peter, many thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog. You point out that alcohol alters our mind but doesn’t put it into a different place, although I feel that the perception of the user may be that it ‘feels’ that it is in a different place and that may well have been the intended outcome when deciding to drink alcohol. The actions and consequences of things said and done whilst under the influence of alcohol may mean significant changes in the long term, such as a life changing injury for example. In my view there is no guarantee that anyone can absolutely, definitely control their alcohol intake on every single day of their lives as some unfortunately may well find out to their cost. My best wishes for the coming holiday season.

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