Dress up to drink up then smash up!

I was both fascinated and disturbed by the recent announcement by Crime Prevention Minister James Brokenshire that:

‘Gangs cause significant and lasting harm to our communities.’ The new powers will enable police and councils to ban individuals from wearing gang ‘colours’

It is implied that wearing gang ‘colours’ owning certain types of dog are directly related to anti social behaviour. Where there is anti-social behaviour alcohol consumption is often involved and as a result there is often criminal damage and violence.

What I’m wondering is whether or not the rules will be universally applied and that all kinds of gang ‘colours’ associated with drunken, destructive and anti-social behaviour will also be outlawed.

Over the years The Bullingdon club has engaged in a number of drinking sessions that have resulted in less than favourable outcomes for the local residents, buildings and businesses.

An article in the Daily Mail reported that MP Mark Reckless admitted being too drunk to vote in the House of Commons and subsequently missing a vote on his own party’s 2010 budget.

Conservative chiefs are reported to have apologised after another conservative MP, Sheryl Murray, was allegedly rude to a parliamentary official after she, too, had been drinking on the terrace on the same evening. The commons bar, subsidised by the taxpayer, reportedly took a record £5000 on the same day.

Whilst not defending any kind of anti-social behaviour I would suggest that for those struggling to find their way in the world, gang ‘colours’ may be a search for significance. Perhaps they feel that they are not able to contribute to society in a more positive way as the opportunities are limited and that they are neither encouraged nor supported by the government.

At present many of them are of the opinion that if they do get a job it is more likely to be part time and may well involve stacking alcohol on the shelves of the supermarkets.

We are given comprehensive guidelines on how much alcohol we can drink. Now it seems there are about to be additional rules, we are about to be told what we can and cannot wear, subject to our perceived social status.

Or is it the case that you can wear what you want, drink as much as you like and smash up what you want provided that you are dressed in ‘approved’ colours and are wealthy enough to pay for the damage.

Mixed messages?

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