Don’t ask me if you are an alcoholic, ask yourself

It seems that my blog from last week raised eyebrows, blood pressures, heart rates and even provoked a direct response from Mr Angry.

So what exactly was the problem with what I said? Was it perhaps that I had dared to challenge established thinking about alcohol by suggesting that the volume consumed is not the key issue?

According to the Collins English Free Dictionary the meaning of an alcoholic is;

‘A person who is addicted to Alcohol’

You will notice that there is no mention whatsoever of how much alcohol has to be consumed and on what basis in order to meet the criteria for being described as an alcoholic. There is also no mention of what impact it has to have on the person, no reference to the consequences of using it, no dress code and no implication with regard to social status.

It would seem that over the many thousands of years that alcohol has been consumed by humans, a very important point may have been overlooked or perhaps deliberately ignored.

Perhaps the human body was never designed to ingest alcohol, and actually despite what the majority of the population think, do and say, drinking alcohol is just not what we were built to do. Remember that not so very long ago medical doctors were recommending the use of tobacco for the relief of mental stress.

Maybe in a world without alcohol we would have no choice but to deal with our issues, find new ways to overcome our challenges and commit to a path of self development.

I can sense that Mr Angry is already warming up.

But consider this: would you be able to live without alcohol for the rest of your life?

Answer the following questions and be totally honest with yourself.

Can you go without alcohol with your evening meal?

Could you handle social situations without alcohol?

Can you get into a ‘relaxed state’ without alcohol?

How about coping with the reaction of your friends when they ask if you want a drink and you decline?

Can you really stop drinking alcohol anytime and in the long term with no consequences?

Please don’t ask me if you are an alcoholic.

Ask yourself; because you are the only person that knows the real reasons that you are drinking it.

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