Don’t worry, money is just an illusion

There’s a lot of alcohol being consumed at the moment by those who are either in financial trouble of some kind, or feel they are heading for it.

Alcohol may temporarily mentally suspend whatever it is that they are trying to avoid by inducing some mind altering but the problem will remain, until some action is taken to address it.

Our financial system is a bit of a mystery really, and I suspect those that designed the modern version of it would prefer the majority of us to remain confused, and accept it as we do with many so called ‘complex’ institutions.

But modern money is debt, and is created out of debt by the likes of the Federal Reserve. Add some money out of thin air called interest and generate even more money out of thin air with some fractional reserve banking and the result is that we have more debt than it is possible to repay.

I can almost hear the cries of ‘yes but it’s much more complicated than that!’ But is it really? Or is that just the position with those with the most to lose, want us to continue to believe?

Let us imagine that the financial system collapses and there is no ‘money’ either in the form of physical currency or electronic data.

What changes exactly?

Are there suddenly less people? Do the buildings disintegrate? The power supplies suddenly stop? Does all the food disappear? No, everything stays exactly as it is, except the perception of the people, there would no doubt be mass panic, anarchy even. From a logical standpoint money doesn’t ‘do’ anything.

As a race we do not manage the earth’s physical resources, we use them in an effort to generate profit and gain in the pursuit of personal financial freedom. An alien visitor would probably leave very quickly when they learnt that we place an invisible economy based on paper and data over and above the welfare of the very race that we are supposed to be a part of.

Alcohol could be seen as helping to sustain the illusion. Many people will put up with anything during the working week, providing they can create the illusion of escaping it for a while by getting off their face at the weekend.

But what would we do without money?

Enjoy the experience of being alive more perhaps?

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