Does your business go on holiday with you?

What does a holiday mean to you?

Is it a chance to ‘get away from it all’? Do you genuinely depart for your holiday having left your business in the capable hands of a trusted business colleague knowing that they will be taking the ‘right decisions’? Or do you take your business with you aided by the multitude of communication devices that make that so easily possible now.

Many business people do both. They mix the attempts at relaxation with ‘checking in’ to their business to ensure that it is in roughly the state that they would expect it to be in. Inevitably at some point they will end up getting involved and will go beyond the original intention of just keeping up to date.

Put alcohol into this equation and the results are potentially very hazardous, often because drinking alcohol during holidays has been perceived as an essential part of a ‘successful’ break for generations.

Usually relaxation is seen as the whole point of a holiday and alcohol is seen as being a relatively straightforward way of ‘relaxing’. Problem is that alcohol only provides the illusion of being relaxed. It conveniently appears to reduce your anxiety and perceived levels of stress when in reality all it is doing is altering your mind, in the real world nothing has changed.

You may choose not to drink alcohol whilst running your business. But by getting involved in your business whilst on holiday you may do it inadvertently and that may affect the quality of your decisions, as well as the outcomes.

There is at least a chance that you have no real idea of how to relax.  Achieving a relaxed state will mean different things to different people and you will need to establish what works for you. If you are twiddling your thumbs worrying about your business whilst sitting by the pool then clearly sitting by the pool is not for you.

If you think that alcohol helps you to relax, then think again. It just puts your brain into a place where you feel differently about things, including your business. If knowing how things are with your business on a daily basis will enhance your holiday then why not consider building it into your break instead of trying to avoid it.

In my experience it is far more effective than trying to drink yourself into a relaxed state.

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