Dare you look into the shadows?

We all have shadows, dark, seemingly empty replicas of our human form that follow us about with predictable regularity.

But what about our minds? Is it possible that our thoughts cast shadows? And if they do what would they look like? Or is it more relevant to focus on what they feel like? Could it be that in the shadows of those thoughts lie the memories that we would rather forget?

Addictions have underlying causes, so there will be a reason for the addiction. Finding it can be challenging. Admitting to it may appear impossible for many, and the addiction is sometimes viewed as the lesser of two evils.

Those who are addicted to something are usually attempting to change how they feel quickly. Sometimes this can be born out of a sense of unease for no obvious reason. Everything may well seem ‘OK’ but there seems to be some unseen ‘thing’ in the back of our minds. It is often a ‘thing’ that we can’t quite put our finger on, it is just a sense that something somewhere is not how we would like it to be.

That ‘empty sensation’ is seen by some as hiding something that they would rather not think about or contemplate. Even the thought of it can cause anxiety that if the thoughts are allowed to flow, something painful will present itself and demand attention and that somehow it will be difficult or impossible to cope.

Mind altering drugs including alcohol are often used to stop this process in its tracks. But by allowing it to develop and take its course the very reasons for the addiction can be identified and addressed.

Our thoughts and memories are part of who we are and I believe that they are with us for life. Attempting to block the more ‘unpleasant ones’ will usually mean that they will just keep coming back around until we give them the attention needed to accept them, trust them and perhaps most importantly, not to live in fear of them. Alcohol and other drugs don’t block them anyway; they just temporarily suspend our awareness of them.

If you are trying to suppress your thoughts or emotions by using alcohol, there will be a reason even if you are unsure what it is. There may well be clues in the shadows of your mind.

Are you ready to take a look?

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