Change or Die?

In my last blog I suggested that it may be possible to overcome alcohol addiction with three steps rather than the more traditional twelve as used by the majority of the rehabilitation centres in the UK. This blog will look at the first critical decision.

Firstly a word of caution.

Sudden alcohol withdrawal can be hazardous depending on the level of alcohol intake over a given period of time; more information can be found here Acute-Alcohol-Withdrawal-and-Delirium-Tremens if in doubt, always consult a medical professional before taking action.

Given that alcohol dependency and addiction will have an underlying cause, the first action has to be to stop drinking alcohol. It is impossible to get a sense of true reality whilst under the influence of alcohol and in order to address the issues it is necessary to understand what they are. This will only come from a place of clarity, so bearing in mind my word of caution the first action is to,

Stop drinking alcohol

For those that are seriously addicted (as I was) this may seem an impossible task, but without taking this first action nothing much is likely to change but physical and mental decline will be the inevitable consequence of continuing to consume alcohol. The key here is for the addict to take a decision based on what is ‘right’ for them to stop, although they may need some third party help to find a reason in the middle of what may appear to be a desperate situation.

It is not enough to do it for someone else, such as a partner for example. If the relationship with that partner changes, then the commitment to stop may become invalid and may walk out of the door with them.

My own reasons for changing were that I knew I was living in denial and avoidance of what was really true and who I actually was. I had been attempting to block out my life to date and the fears of what the future may bring. I knew that the only way to be truly free was to stop drinking alcohol and live in reality for long enough to find out what my life was really all about, and I’m still learning.

Personally I could not imagine life without alcohol when I stopped. I have now lived without using alcohol for almost seven years and now I can’t imagine living life with it.

That I did not expect, but I am grateful for it.

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