Britain set to lead Europe

In a recent blog I described how the UK’s teenagers are leading the Western World by being the ‘worst binge drinkers’ Now it has been reported by the Daily Mail that ‘Binge Britain is on course to be liver disease capital of Europe’

The article explains that the UK is the only major European country where deaths from liver disease are rising.  Twenty years ago the UK had the lowest record of deaths from the condition but the UK is on course to have levels at double the European average by 2025.

Alcohol is not the only cause of liver problems but it is currently the biggest, although ‘non- alcoholic fatty liver disease’ caused by obesity and a poor diet is actually set to overtake alcohol as the main cause within a few years according to experts.

It is worth noting that 95% of all liver disease is said to be preventable.

Worryingly but perhaps inevitably, many of the reader comments in relation to the article actually show a high degree of understanding as to why much of Britain is actually drinking and eating itself into an early grave.

I say worryingly because I don’t see any evidence that the government is willing to admit that the UK’s drinking culture is actually a symptom of what has become accepted British culture.

If as stated in some of the comments, the only pleasure in life is being able to drink alcohol then I would say that many people are living thoroughly miserable and often hopeless lives.

But why would the UK’s population be miserable?

Britain can be a challenging place to be and I think that most people in touch with reality realise that we really are in trouble. We are not alone, but the fact is that as a nation we are not addressing the underlying causes of our problems. This is demonstrated by the growth of Britain into one of the World’s most addicted societies.

Many people are addicted because they want to escape the reality of modern life in the UK including the relentless pressure, debt, fear of unemployment, inflation, the high cost of living and pointless referendums to name but a few.

The liver is an amazing organ and given the chance and some support it can actually repair itself. Perhaps the same kind of regeneration is possible for Britain.

But will it be given the chance?

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