Alcohol Zone, Drinking Zone, Booze Zone, Anything but Solve the Problem?

Intimidating?  Why would a big drunk with a can of super strength beer and a dog with a bite pressure of more than 1000 PSI be intimidating?

There is concern that ‘drunks’ are scaring shoppers and tourists away from town centres and one proposal is that a specific area be set up where drinkers can indulge ‘ to their heart’s content’

It has been proposed that the solution it seems is to give alcoholics, drunks and binge drinkers an ‘area’ where they can drink themselves into a stupor without fear of being challenged by the Police.

Yet again the focus is put on the activity of drinking large amounts of alcohol, but even the researchers appear to admit that they have no idea why some people get drunk. Additionally the research is conducted in town centres where it seems to be assumed that most binge drinking takes place.

I would suggest from experience that much of the UK’s binge drinking goes unnoticed. Much of it actually takes place at home after work, after business meeting and conferences and at many weekend social gatherings such as barbecues and parties.

But because this goes unnoticed and it seems under researched, the perception would appear to be that it is less of a problem, if it’s really considered a problem at all. Much of the consequence of ‘privately’ binge drinking is kept private so we hear some much less about it. For example we don’t hear about the relationship breakdowns, dismissals, damaged reputations and lost work days from what is actually a symptom of a much deeper problem.

Lies and alcohol are regular partners. Many people drinking way outside the ‘safe’ limits lie about how much they are really drinking when asked. This is often through embarrassment, sometimes they simply don’t know how much they are drinking, and more worrying is that most don’t know why they are using alcohol.

Drinking alcohol to feel different quickly is a symptom of a number of serious underlying problems that we face in the UK. The economic situation is such that many feel so hopeless and just want it all to ‘go away’, binge drinking temporarily creates the illusion that it has.

Perhaps we should set up an ‘Enterprise Zone’ where we will be free to indulge in Enterprise to our hearts content without fear of it being interfered with by our politicians? Or is that just being silly?

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