Writer’s block…

OK it has finally happened to me. The deadline is fast approaching. I’m stuck! What the hell am I going to write about this week?

Quick, check the news to see what might affect small businesses, the driver of Britain’s, indeed the world’s future growth according to the Prime Minister. Oh and my client base. Uprisings in the Middle East? Hmm. Good for them. Maybe. Clearly not good for oil and food prices, which will stoke inflation even more, which may put pressure on wages, which will cause interest rates to rise, which will deflate house prices, which will probably cause a dive in confidence and double dip recession…..

No don’t go there. Too depressing. Let’s be optimistic. That’s what is going to get us out of this mess. Too many people are talking the economy down. The uprisings will probably sort themselves out and oil prices will fall back. Life will pretty much go on as before. Well for those of us in Britain maybe. Possibly not for those people living in Egypt. Or Bahrain. Or Libya. Or……..

Maybe I can write about some Client activity? (Please note. Capital letter for Client. Very Important People) For many of my Clients it is budget time. That means updating business plans and strategies in the light of current economic conditions. An opportunity to look at strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. A chance to dream about what might be possible, and then turn it into something that is.

Can we still grow in the current market? Come on, we’ve only got 5% or so of the market. If we can grab another 1% that’s 20% growth. Surely if we know our market and clients, and do the right things properly we can achieve that, regardless of what is happening in the Middle East. Or elsewhere for that matter. Reason to be cheerful – part one.

(Perhaps we might feel confident enough to take somebody on. Perhaps one of those thousands of public sector employees that will become available in the coming months. Although if we do we will clearly be in the minority …)

How about some of the people I have read about or listened to recently. People like entrepreneur Victoria Wills who had a dream, pursued it, made it happen and lived to tell the tale in an amusing and witty fashion. It is hard not to be inspired when hearing her story.

Finding time to attend such events is one of the major benefits of being a freelancer. Sadly too many employed people never get the opportunity to do so even though the benefits in terms of inspiration and confidence to go out and just do it could be immense.

But back to the point. How am I going to get through this writer’s block? Where am I going to get my 450 words from……?

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