Rounding up….

Like most bloggers most of my content is driven from what is happening around me, particularly from news items that catch my eye. Occasionally, like London buses no doubt used to do, a number of stories all come at once, so this week I thought I would do a little of what we accountants like to call “rounding up” and highlight a few in one hit.
All aboard…
Apparently train passenger numbers are at their highest level for 90 years. OK I guess that is not news to those of you who cram into choc full trains every day. But it is nice to know that there are businesses out there that can treat their customers badly, charge them the earth for it, and still be successful. Of course government cuts (remember everything is the fault of government cuts at the moment) mean that 2nd class is likely to become even more overcrowded, as civil servants are forced to slum down from first. It’s enough to make you use your car again if only you could afford the petrol.…..

A nation of shoplifters…
Meanwhile more than a quarter of the shoplifters arrested in Japan last year were over 65. According to the police pensioner crime is at an all-time high. It couldn’t possibly happen here of course. Or could it? A recent article by Ruth Sunderland has once again highlighted the pensions crises that has yet to really bite. Maybe in years to come Chief Constables all over the UK will be calling on the public to support them in their fight against the grey crime epidemic. Future Napoleons (or more correctly Adam Smiths) will need to revise their opinion of the British…..

Little Brown Envelopes…..
Amid the claims that a bonfire of red tape is imminent, a new regulatory headache is about to hit Enterprise Britain in the guise of The Bribery Act 2010. Inevitably the legal profession is rushing to point out the problems that this legislation could create, warning that even businesses that procure tickets to exclusive events and ply guests with fine food and drink could be at risk. Oh well at least I won’t have to fret about why nobody invites me to Wimbledon any more ……

A cure for your bad news phobia…..
And finally did you know that Anatidaephobia is the irrational fear that you are being watched by a duck? Now that you do you can impart that piece of useful knowledge to all of your friends and contacts to take their minds off of the wealth of gloomy economic news that seems to be everywhere at the moment. Well we are here to help you honest….

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