Happy Holidays……

This is a great month to be an employee. Maybe not such a great time to be an employer. Possibly disastrous if you are self employed.

Two long weekends in quick succession mean that for some people taking three days annual leave will give themselves eleven days away from work.

Funny things holidays. The Germans love them. The Americans don’t. The Japanese do but don’t take them.

It’s often argued that we don’t have enough in the UK and therefore one extra one to celebrate the nuptials of William and Kate should be welcomed.

I have read all the legal bumf about whether a holiday actually has to be given for the Royal Wedding or not but in reality you’d look a really mean employer if you did not give it with the consequent impact on staff morale it would have.

In a salaried office environment such as say a government department holidays can be absorbed and the impact of the extra day minimised. For an SME trying to stay afloat and dependent on every working hour the challenge of coping with that extra day is that much greater.

Fortunately most employees will take the holiday and then work doubly hard to ensure that the business does not suffer. It is this unwritten commitment that is the backbone of many businesses, which is the main reason why the raft of employment regulations tends to grate so much.

Ah well, like it or not, it’s there so make the most of it. For those of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter, for those who don’t have a good break.

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