Who will be your fellow passenger on your next flight?

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It’s generally agreed that an airline customer’s experience is influenced by many factors, including:

• The check in and pre-departure experience
• The quality of food and drinks on board
• The general cabin ambience throughout the trip
• The legroom and seat comfort

However, the team at Planely, a newly launched website, believe there’s one really important aspect of a journey that has been overlooked- until now!

Most people would agree that one of the things that can make a flight really enjoyable and memorable is a chance encounter with a fellow traveller who turns out to be an interesting or useful traveling companion. The relief that when the person who sits next to you isn’t a Sumo wrestler or new age traveller who hasn’t washed since the last solstice- turn to delight as you discover shared interests or a mutually beneficial business opportunity over your welcome drink and hot towel. Up until now, seating arrangements on planes have been a lottery. A seating neighbour that enhances the journey, left to random chance.

Well…what if that special encounter WASN’T left to chance???? What if you could PLAN it before hand, and spend valuable time with a potential business partner, someone with shared experiences, someone that you could share a cab with the other end or maybe even have a few drinks and a bite to eat with later at the destination? Planely call it ‘Social Flying’, and are confident it’s the next big ‘why didn’t I think of that’ concept.

The Planely website (www.planely.com) allows people to register their flights and get an instant ‘Matches’ report back on who else is going to be not only travelling with them on their plane but also in their departure and arrival airports. They are then provided with a simple way to reach out to each other and arrange a meet up- and potentially sit together- days in advance of the trip. What comes out of that encounter, well, the sky IS the limit!

Note to editors: For more information about Planely, or to arrange an interview, please contact founder and CEO NickMartin on +44 (0)20 8144 4731 or email Nick@planely.com


1 comment for “Who will be your fellow passenger on your next flight?

  1. 26 May, 2011 at 08:23

    An interesting concept! It very much depends on whether you really want to be sitting next to a chatterbox and talk about work or small talk about your last holidays (or whatever) just because you know them and it will be impolite to turn down their offer to sit next to you.

    I guess it’s a personal thing. I prefer the ‘incognito’ approach when flying to/from a meeting to switch off and doing my own thing whether it’s personal entertainment gadgets or sleep. With airlines now looking to introduce mobile phone access on flights, that will change. But gadgets have on/off switch!

    Enjoy your flight!

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