Sorry Dirk but Luke’s the man…..

‘Robin, what is man’s greatest quality?’

‘Loving the U S of A’

‘Yes Robin, that is important but the word I seek is loyalty.’

‘Wow Batman, yes, of course, but why are you’

‘You are an astute man Robin. I will tell you. I was flying my astral plain over England when I saw an event which distressed me.’

‘Holy emotions Batman, what was it?’

‘That self-important, egotistical, windbag Tony Drury has ditched his friend Dirk van Dijl.’

‘Holy blogging Batman, you mean Dirk, the brilliant, co-founder of Enterprise Britain, the fab site that defends businesses against the Coalition government?’

‘Yes Robin. Dirk is out. Drury has a new hero. Luke.’

‘Holy superficiality Batman, who’s Luke?’

Yes, it’s true. After fifteen months of revering Dirk, I’m sorry. He’s yesterday’s news.

WHY? Because I have a new hero. His name……

Luke Johnson.

My new friend Luke has done something which has won him my everlasting gratitude.

He has pulverised the Dragons….yeah.

Over many weeks and months I have suggested that ‘Dragon’s Den’ has nothing to do with Enterprise Britain and has everything to do with the self-serving, publicity mad Dragons. I have focused on Peter Jones because I yet to be convinced that the Nation Enterprise Academy is worth the millions committed to it by Gordon Brown.

Only last week my lawyer emailed and suggested I might upset Mr. Jones.

That was before Luke Johnson wrote a quite brilliant article in the ‘Financial Times’ (28 July 2010). Here is a flavour:

‘Dragon’s Den’ is a cartoon masquerading as factual television’

‘ the case of Dragon’s Den, entrepreneurship has been dumbed down to the status of staged entertainment’

‘The “Dragons” participate for the publicity, the producers want tears and jokes’

The main thrust of Luke’s article was to bash the BBC: “When will the BBC adopt a more constructive and grown-up approach to business and free enterprise?”

Luke talks about Business Angels and their importance to the funding of early stage companies. But he would, of course, having recently bought a near 25% stake in Beer & Partners, a leading angel group. He is also a little starry eyed about this sector. Enterprise Britain regularly points out its concerns (27.7.10 “All talk and no cheque”).

But it was a marvellous piece of incisive prose which will have had the Dragon’s howling with rage inside their PR agent’s offices.

Sorry Dirk but Luke’s the man…..

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