Please tell Dave I’m a High Flyer

On 28 May 2010, Dave (aka the PM) said that he would re-awaken Enterprise Britain.

Please stop reading this blog and google ‘Enterprise Britain’. Who is number one?

So you are reading the top website for enterprise.

But there is much competition including:

  • Entrepreneur Country, run by Julie Meyer
  • The Entrepreneurs Union, founded by ex-Dragons’ Den judge Doug Richard
  • The Institute of Entrepreneurs, a Luke Johnson think-tank
  • The Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurs, a Durham-based business advisory service founded by Tony Robinson OBE
  • SME Innovation Alliance, chaired by John Mitchell and which supports high-tech innovative SMEs
  • The National Enterprise Academy, founded by Dragon Peter Jones and which teaches entrepreneurship to teenagers
  • Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy, founded by Dragon James Caan: “a unique and highly practical one-stop resource for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.”
  • The National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship, founded in 2004 “to help cultivate entrepreneurship in high education”.

Local Enterprise Partnerships which replace LDAs and which were the subject of an announcement last week by the Government which has approved the first twenty four.

With so much fire power how can Britain fail!?


The picture above recalls my days as an entrepreneur.

In the 1980s I ran a Bedfordshire Squash and Country Club. The local paper ran an article about five air hostesses who had set up a promotional company and required a sponsor. A number of bottles of wine later The High Flyers were established and we enjoyed several years together.

Their methodology of gaining new business was rather seductive and several male executives are possibly still recovering.

The end came when the leader filed for divorce from her adulterous husband and then had an affair with her married solicitor. We lost Suzie over the Atlantic when she paid so much attention to a New York passenger that he kept and married her in the States. Somehow the High Flyers just drifted away.

Hey Dave, I’m on your side. Let’s re-awaken Enterprise Britain but, please, no more air hostesses.

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