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Nicholas Boles is a Wykehamist and a member of the Notting Hill set (aka ‘Cameron toadies’). He is MP for Grantham and Stamford. He is a Conservative except he isn’t. He is a Coalitionist. He founded the Think Tank Policy Exchange.

His book ‘Which Way’s Up? The Future for Coalition Britain and How to Get There’ (Biteback) will confirm, should you read it (which I recommend you don’t), that politics is losing the plot.

Nick wants the Conservative Party to be more liberal. His proposal, and, if you care about our democracy, prepare to groan, is that there should be an electoral pact to fight the 2015 election as coalition partners.

The fact that the Coalition is unlikely to last until 2015 (I give it two years maximum) is ignored.

My instinct is that this proposition has the PM’s approval. Mr. Cameron will do anything to stay in power. The fact that Nick’s book was promoted in a ‘Times’ editorial section a week ago suggests that the Downing Street media barons were involved.

The restoration of Enterprise Britain depends on the revival of a Conservative Party which is true to its principle of encouraging wealth creation. Coalition is compromise. It is not what we need.

In his book Nick suggests five coalition fundamentals the first of which is personal freedom. This week his boss, in PMQs, lectured (in his best public school manner) the opposition on their irresponsibility in visiting the TUC Conference and discussing possible strike action. Cameron suggested this was against the public interest.

Surely the right to legally strike is a democratic freedom. Nick needs to have a word with his boss.

I have now reached page 340 of ‘The Journey’. And surprise! Chapter Nine (pp.254 – 286) is fascinating.

The emotional stuff is still evident. In this case it is the birth of his son Leo.

“The birth was bizarre…Cherie did a bit of preliminary shrieking and groaning…Cherie was unbelievable. There are times with that woman I am in awe…and she was forty-five. It was impressive stuff.”

The main thrust of the chapter, which is titled ‘Forces of Conservatism’ (although TB means it with a small ‘c’), is about his frustration with the iron tight grip of the Civil Service and other Governmental organisations which led to his proposed changes being delayed or stopped: law and order, the NHS and so on.

Enterprise Britain needs change. Between them Nick Boles and TB suggest we must prepare for the worst.

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