No pain, no gain

Who, in their right mind, and after a hard day’s work, would want to trudge through a cold evening’s rains to reach the Cass Business School, near Finsbury Square, on a Monday evening.

I was such a reluctant attendee – last Monday to be exact.

The event was a Cityzone ‘directorForum’ organised by the charming Ronan Bryan. There were about forty of us. Business people, City financiers, lawyers, representatives of UK Trade & Investment and several business schools.

The pain was self-evident. I had experienced a rotten day and lost my umbrella.

The gain….ah, the gain. These are terrific events. Ronan introduces everybody and makes each of you feel like a million pounds. We started with two case studies. Lorraine had built up an international cloth business. She had worked really hard on her written presentation. Her thrust was that she does not know who to trust but she wants to expand. The audience had plenty of ideas. I took her aside at the break and said “trust nobody Lorraine especially if they ask for an upfront fee.” The smile she gave me made the whole evening worthwhile.

The second presentation was by Joshua who is a Silicon Valley internet tycoon. I didn’t understand what he was talking about. However we became pals when he said that the UK was a million years behind the US in its appreciation of entrepreneurs.

At this point Ronan lost his sanity in that he had asked me to chairm a session on something about growth issues for small companies. I warmed the audience up by bashing banks (well received) and various other EB style rhetoric. Apparently I talked such complete tripe that they were still arguing amongst themselves in the pub afterwards.

I had an interesting journey home on the train from Euston to Leighton Buzzard.

As we left the station I found that I was in the first class compartment with a blonde beauty who, to be honest, was fairly scantily clad. Much to my relief an old man came in and sat down.

She leaned over (don’t ask) and said “Have you an Orange charger with you?”

Now to be fair I had heard her trying to make a call to Milton Keynes and watched her shake the phone.

“No” I replied “but you can use my phone if you wish.”

“Thanks” she replied. “Do you mind if I put my sim card in yours to get my messages.”

I was in the process of suggesting that was not a good idea when she had completed the exercise.

She turned to me and gave a smile to die for. “I do know what I am doing” she said.

She returned my mobile fifteen minutes later. As I left the train she gave me another special….smile.

The next day I spent an hour in the Orange shop getting my phone reconnected.

No gain. Have a look at and join us for an event.

They are always memorable.

It’s Easter. You, my friends in Enterprise Britain, deserve a rest.

As you build your sand castles on the beach please remember that no banker has ever been paid a bonus for helping enterprising businesses.

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