My Personality of the year is….

No. Not Dirk Van Dijl, the brilliant co-founder and sponsor of Enterprise Britain (although it should be), nor Gordon Brown for writing a great book ‘Beyond The Crash’: try this –
“The consequence, put simply, is a persistent mispricing of risk, and therefore a consistent failure to hold enough capital to offset it.”

Nor Vince Cable, for exposing (it was always going to happen and it was always, almost certainly, going to be Vince Cable) this sham of a Coalition Government.

Nor our public school educated, comfortably wealthy, power crazed Prime Minister who is lurching from one problem to the next. The next six months, following the rise in VAT, and in the light of the November 2010 Government borrowing figures, will be  difficult and might see the end of the Coalition Government.

The winner is Luke Johnson.

His article ‘Legislators in need of lessons in Commerce’, which recently appeared in the ‘Financial Times’, is simply brilliant.

Luke is involved in various Government initiatives. He was recently a guest of the Industry and Parliament Trust, which is a charity focused on promoting the relationship between politicians and businesses.

Luke is not impressed by politicians suggesting “they show minimal interest in the subject”.
He then really hits home:

“They spend too much of their time with fellow MPs, civil servants…and so forth. They occasionally soil their hands with businesspeople…”

Please read the article if you are committed to Enterprise  Britain.

As the year ends, I will complete my reading of Gordon Brown’s book ‘Beyond the Crash’. One more extract to complete this year’s blogging:

“I follow data and statistics because the patterns I see within them help me to make sense of complicated human reality.”


Editorial Note:
I questioned Mr. Drury’s raving about Gordon Brown’s book as he had been rather rude about the former Prime Minister last week.
The reply I received said:
“Dirk, a week is a long time in blogging.”

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