I have saved the world…er, the country

Notes of a meeting between the PM and his press adviser.

PA: “PM. Shares have hit a two-and-a-half year high. Gilt yields are below 3%. Our debt funding is being managed with ease.”

PM: “Do you think a photograph of me in front of the London Stock Exchange, with an adoring crowd around me, will suffice?”

PA: “Er. What about the Chancellor PM?”

PM. “George should only be asked when things go wrong..like child benefits.”

PA: “The City is reporting increased employment PM.”

PM: “I really am doing jolly well aren’t I. The caption should read: “PM saves the world.”

PA: “Perhaps the Country, PM. And we need to be careful. The Welsh Labour MPs are upset because The Secretary of State won’t attend the Welsh Committee meetings.”

PM: “I won the election. I’m the Prime Minister. What’s it to do with them?”

PA: “Er. Wales, and Scotland and NI do have real problems PM.”

PM: “How about ‘I have saved England’.

PA: “ Will not Boris say he has saved London. I’ll make sure is he out of the country when the photographs are taken.”

PM: “Why not another photograph in Paris. “I have saved the defence of the UK”.

PA: “Er. It is a long time since the French won any military action PM. Didn’t we oppose Tony Blair’s idea of a European Defence Force?”

PM: “Well, I think I should save small businesses. We’ll have a photograph of me with lots of happy business owners.”

PA: “Great idea PM. What actually have you done?”

PM: “I’ve told the banks to lend them money.”

PA: “But they are not doing that PM. All the reports….”

PM: What about Local Enterprise Partnetrships. Vince says…”

PA: “All sorts of problems there PM. Vince isn’t giving them much funding.”

PM: “I know. I’ll write Barak a letter on how to win elections. We’ll photograph me waving the letter: “PM advises US President in his hour of need.”

PA: “He was popoular once PM.”

PM: “All PR and no substance. That’s Barak’s problem. When’s my personal trainer arriving?”

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“You went to a grammar school: how awful”

“Do you think I need my own personal hairdresser?”

“When I am Prime Minister I’ll send George to events like this”

“I didn’t see your name in ‘The Times Top 100 Rich List’”

Editor’s choice: “Can you believe that? This chap did not even recognise me! Could he be a liberal?”

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