Gordon Brown er…Bennett. It’s Tony’s Christmas Quiz

From the seasonal avalanche of political titles please name the writers of the following statements:

  1. “Ours is a love affair that will never end.”
  2. “If we do not understand fully the biggest economic shock of our generation, then we are destined to repeat its mistakes.”
  3. “I know that doing nothing was not an option. We were days away from a complete banking collapse.”
  4. “And I believe that the third way initiated and developed by Tony Blair has profound relevance for the challenge we now confront on the global stage.”
  5. “…despite the financial markets infusing every aspect of everyday life, the ethical values that matter in everyday life had never infused the financial markets.”

One of the last books to be published before Christmas is “Beyond The Crash” by Gordon Brown.

The ‘Acknowledgements’ pages seem destined for ‘The Guinness Book of Records.’ Mr. Brown names no less than 119 people mostly in gushing terms:

  • “My debt to Alistair Darling as my friend and Chancellor…” (I thought they weren’t speaking)
  • “I was beyond lucky (that is what he wrote) to work with Jeremy Heywood, who has not only a superb mind and a real flair for management, but true expertise on economic matters through his city and Treasury experience.(Yes, that is what he wrote).
  • “For more than ten years Shriti Vadera, more than anyone else, challenged and helped develop my understanding of globalisation…”
  • “I am grateful to all members of the policy unit …including Ed Miliband.” (Well, he is not talking about you)
  • “Ed Balls and I have worked together…for most of the past twenty years..I freely acknowledge my long-standing debt to his advice.” (despite the fact I always ignored it)
  • “Let me also thank for their insights over the years Mervyn King…Adair Turner and their teams at the FSA.” (Although I am writing a book to show I was right about everything).

And so on…and on…and on.

Just one final question Mr. Brown. If everybody was so wonderful why did you lose the election?

“Happy Christmas to all my 119 friends and Tony Blair”

Quiz answers:

Question One: Gordon Brown: ‘Beyond The Crash’ (he means Sarah)
Question Two: Gordon Brown: ‘Beyond The Crash’
Question Three: Gor…..(“we’ve got the idea”. Ed)

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