Goodbye Dave…vote for who?

It is being suggested that the theme for the oncoming Conservative Conference is ‘Together in The National Interest’.

Some will not wish be included in this concept.

  • members of Enterprise Britain: Dave has done nothing positive and much that is negative
  • bankers: Vince has told them they are spivs and an evil outpost of capitalism
  • business people who want to limit their tax bills (legitimately): Nick has told Dave that it is a responsibility to pay as much tax as possible
  • those (up to) 90,000 young people for whom the Future Jobs Fund jobs have gone
  • the 200,000/300,000, perhaps more, who will be made unemployed after the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Dave, of course, is rich as is most of the Cabinet. They are well paid with lots of holiday and a pension scheme most of us can only dream about. And of course why not some outside earnings? (Mr. Hague step forward).

Quite how Dave marries his vision of unity with the liberal rhetoric of the Policy Exchange (as per Nick Boles), baffles me. He lost an election which was the most winnable for eighteen years.

Napoleon once said, when appointing a general, “yes, I know he is good but is he lucky?”

The economic cycle is changing and if it progresses Dave can do what he likes. People vote with their mortgages and credit cards (which is why TB stayed in power for so long).

The election of Red Ed is also helpful (“Brother David, I love you even more now that I have screwed you by seducing the Unions. Love to Mum.”)

Dave has an Etonian arrogance which is not for me. The appointment of Philip Green, as an adviser on cutting waste, also leaves a question mark over his judgment. Mr. Green has been described as “the Country’s most successful tax avoider”.

I have received the renewal notice for my wife’s and my membership of South West Bedfordshire Conservative Association.

My wife said to me:”Do you want to give Dave another £50?”

“Well” I replied. “He has just pocketed one million from a person described by the ‘Daily Mail’ as ‘colourful’ and a ‘shady financier’ (“No Darling, not George Osborne. David Rowland.”)

We are now floating voters.

However you cannot be a Conservative for over thirty years and suddenly change sides. I am sure that my wife and I will vote for our inspirational MP, Andrew Selous, at the next election.

But, there is another possibility.

I have formed a new political party.

The Democratic Enterprise Britain Social Party.

I will be announcing the name of the leader next week. There is only one nomination is so far. I am meeting with Derek Simpson shortly.

Vote for enterprise, vote Debs.

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