Enterprise Britain RIP

You will have views on what is happening politically.

Let me tell you, in all seriousness, that the election 2010 was a disaster for Enterprise Britain.

The uncertainty which will exist for many months means that initiative and commitment will go out the window. There will be savage expenditure cuts and small-cap markets will remain subdued. Life for enterprising businesses is going to be difficult.

I will return to this theme next week. However may I please offer you my thoughts on the three best features of the election?

  1. The result at Barking where Margaret Hodge (L) polled 54% of the vote and smashed Nick Griffin (14.6%) out of site. All the BNP councillors were defeated in the Council elections.
  2. The turnout at 65.1% (cf. 2001: 59.4%). Great. The British voter wanted to be heard. American Presidents are usually elected on around 50% turnout (Obama got it up to 58% by enthusing young black America).
  3. The cries of protest from those who could not vote. A disgrace of course but wasn’t it great to see how much the British people cared.

As for the rest. Enterprise Britain has sunk into the background: just look at the key issues occupying the attention of the party negotiators.

Enterprise Britain RIP…for the time being. Dirk, you need to energise the troops.

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