Beware of imitations….

Entrepreneurs’ Union is the brainchild of Doug Richards. He is the founder of Cambridge Angels and a former Dragon (as per ‘Dragon’s Den’) and heads the Conservative Small Task Force. Inevitably Peter Jones, he of ‘Dragon’s Den’, is involved.

They are meeting Mark Fisk, minister for Business and Enterprise, for talks.

Mr. Richards is obviously aware that the Pope is visiting the UK judging by his rhetoric:

“The origins of workers’ rights in society arose from the imbalance in power between the individual worker and the company for whom they worked.”

And it gets worse.

“If you look at the relationship between the entrepreneur…and government, individual workers (are) unprotected by a collective voice (and are) dictated to by the Government about what they can earn as a result of their labour.”

Let’s concede the opportunity to mock this latter day Keir Hardie and try to respect this initiative.

Firstly the people who need most protection are those poor souls who allow themselves to be set up in front of five distinctly unpleasant dragons. It is they who need the protection of the Entrepreneurs’’ Union.

“Thank you Mr. Jones for agreeing to invest £50,000 for 20% of my client’s business. Can I see the shareholder’s agreement that you will ask them to sign?”

Mr. Jones was last seen exiting the studios.

So what are the Entrepreneurs’ Union going to say to the heads of Britain’s commercial banks:

“You naughty bankers, you are not lending enough money to small businesses.”

What will they say to Mark Fisk.

“Yes, we realise you are trying to curry favour with Dave, George and Vince by savaging your departmental budget but don’t you care about businesses?”

Mr. Fisk will probably respond by reading a prepared statement issued by Andy Coulson, the Head of Downing Street communications.

“The News of the World together with the Coalition Government believes in…er….”

Perhaps the Entrepreneurs’ Union will achieve something. They will certain play the media game. Perhaps….

Perhaps I might finish Tony Blair’s book. I have reached around page 200 of this self-serving, self-satisfying diatribe. I shall keep going because I want to hear his side of the Blair/Brown feud. As TB has already stated that it was his idea to give independence to the Bank of England it should be interesting.

Perhaps Doug Richards should ask Tony B to be president of the Entrepreneurs’ Union.

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