“We are all in it together…if we are all fighting each other, it will not work.”

These words, spoken by Welsh football legend Ian Rush, captured the situation at Liverpool Football Club.

Elsewhere, an image-conscious, power crazed, Old Etonian was trying to achieve a similar emotion. David Cameron said in his Conference speech:

“It will be the doers and the grafters, the inventors and the entrepreneurs who get our economy moving.”

Dave is Prime Minister over the United Kingdom which includes Ian Rush’s homeland, Wales. The Secretary of State for Wales is Cheryl Gillan MP (for Amersham and Chesham). It has been a difficult week for them.

The first blow was the appointment by Red Ed of Peter Hain as Shadow Welsh secretary. A spokesman for the Secretary of State said:

“Peter Hain has made so many political comebacks he should change his name to Mandelson.”

Frankly that is poor politics.

The second problem, which really matters to the Welsh speaking people, is the cutting of the BBC’s budget by £4m (to £19.4m by 2011/12) for S4C.

It was the third of the body blows which really caused concern over how Dave is really running his Cabinet.

On Thursday night Cheryl Gillan gave a creditable interview on BBC Wales’s ‘Dragon Eye’ evening programme (screened after ‘Question Time’).

Twenty four hours later she was fighting for her life. Fury had broken out in Newport which was desperately trying to maximise the success of the Ryder Cup. Barclays Corporate had financed Celtic Manor: “Our partnership is a perfect example of what can be achieved” announced their half page advertisement in the ‘Sunday Times’.

Regrettable there seemed to be no initial partnership going on between Cheryl Gillan and the Home Secretary Theresa May. The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) revealed that the Passport Office is to shut with the loss of 300 jobs. It is the only one out of seven regional offices to be closed.

Cheryl Gillan criticised the Union for the “irresponsible” way it had revealed the details on a Friday afternoon (“I don’t think that is really a very good time for people to learn about the proposed talks”). She also said the closure of the Newport office is not “inevitable”.

On Tuesday Cheryl Gillan announced a ‘customer-facing office will be opened in Newport safeguarding up to 45 jobs.’

The Union, Labour and Plaid Cymru remain unimpressed. John Griffiths, Labour AM for Newport East: “Only this weekend she (Gillan) was saying that she would fight for every single job and yet today she is describing 255 job losses as some kind of victory”.

Whatever the pressures Dave should be ensuring that spending cuts are handled with empathy and sensitivity. This is proving a messy and badly handled event.

The Prime Minister, however, could be excused. He has other matters on his mind. His image.

Dave is the first British Prime Minister to hire a personal photographer. Andrew Parsons is busy taking pictures of baby Florence. He needs to buck up or he will receive a public school leathering.

If the photograph reproduced in the ‘Daily Mail’ (9 October) was intended to capture a private moment at the Conference as Dave had a pint and SamCam cuddled (guess who?) Florence, the mirror behind Dave revealed that the area to the rear of the photographer was full of Dave sycophants (probably from Notting Hill).

Bend over Parsons….

I can conclude with some good news for Dave. He will not need to order so many photographs this year for his Christmas cards. Since he became leader of the Conservative Party, 81,000 people have left the Party (there are now 177,000 members).

Back in Wales……

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